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Explore Smoothie Spot’s catering – a feast of freshness and flavor! Perfect for any event. Our healthy, quality dishes bring joy to every table. If you can imagine, we can create it. View Catering Menu Here

Customizable Choices

Tailor your event’s menu with a variety of fresh, wholesome toppings and main dishes.

Catering Miami

Our catering offers healthy, balanced meals, perfect for maintaining dietary goals

Refreshing Variety

Delight guests with our array of fresh pressed juices, adding a vibrant, healthy touch to events.

Catering Experience Steps

Discover the ease of Smoothie Spot’s catering service. Whether for a meeting, party, or any event, our process simplifies your planning. Choose to call us directly or order online via ezCater for a seamless experience. Our dedicated team ensures every detail is perfect, from selection to delivery.


Make Your Call

Contact us or use ezCater to initiate your catering request. Fast, friendly service awaits.


Schedule Your Event

Easily schedule the date and time for your event. We cater to your timetable.


Enjoy Event-Day Delivery

Relax as we deliver fresh, flavorful catering on your special day.

Smoothie Spot Now on ezCater

Excitedly announcing our new presence on ezCater! Experience the ease of ordering Smoothie Spot’s healthy, flavorful catering online. Try it today!


Order Catering Easily with ezCater

Streamline your event planning with Smoothie Spot on ezCater. Quick, convenient online ordering is just a click away. Make your next gathering a hit!


Event Planning Ease

Our catering simplifies event planning. We handle the menu, letting you focus on enjoying your event without stress.


Time-Saving Service

Save precious time with our catering. No meal prep, shopping, or cleanup needed – we handle it all professionally.

catering miami

Cost-Effective Choice

Opt for our catering to save money. Avoid expensive dishware and ingredients costs while hosting a memorable event.

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Smoothie Spot Miami: Fresh, Healthy Eats – Organic Smoothies, Acai Bowls, Wraps, Juices, and Vegan Options. Energize Your Day!

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