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Healthy Brunch Miami

 Elevate Your Mornings with Miami’s Premier Healthy Brunches at Smoothie Spot! Weekends Brunch Openings from 9 till 12pm in any smoothie spot location

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For “Friends healthy brunch” - From 4 to 18 people

Starting April 1st through the 30th, we’re blending up something special for you and your crew. With the purchase of any breakfast option, indulge in a complimentary smoothie on us, available exclusively for groups of more than 4 people. It’s our way of saying thank you for making Healthy Brunch Miami at Smoothie Spot your group dining destination.

Welcome to Healthy Brunch Miami at Smoothie Spot

At Smoothie Spot, we’re redefining the Miami brunch scene one plate at a time. Dive into a world where taste meets nutrition, where every bite is a step towards wellness. Our Healthy Brunch Miami isn’t just a meal; it’s a celebration of fresh, organic ingredients crafted into dishes that delight the senses and nourish the body.

Healthy Brunch Miami | Smoothie Spot

Fresh and Organic

Every dish starts with the best quality, organic ingredients. We believe in the power of natural flavors and the benefits they bring to your table.

Quick and Friendly Service

Your time is precious, especially in the morning. Our team ensures you’re served promptly and with a smile.

Nutrition-Packed Meals

We’ve crafted our menu to not only taste great but also fuel your day. Enjoy meals rich in nutrients without compromising on flavor.

Healthy Brunch Miami | Smoothie Spot

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Join us across Miami for the healthiest brunch in town. Only available on North Miami, Tamiami, South Beach location. Here’s to mornings filled with good food, great company, and endless sunshine.

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Smoothie Spot Miami: Fresh, Healthy Eats – Organic Smoothies, Acai Bowls, Wraps, Juices, and Vegan Options. Energize Your Day!

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